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I saw this mentioned on Tara Hunt’s HorsePigCow: SocialNetworkDevCamp will focus on API and Widget development from Facebook, Twitter, Pownce, Linked In and others. The camp will also start the process of identifying open APIs and data structures which would facilitate the creation of open standards for social networking. It’ll be taking place Richmond, CA, […]

Members of this list might be interested in this upcoming event, either to attend or to sponsor or to speak at one of the sessions: The National Association of Government Webmasters ( will hold its fifth Annuonference in September in Valley Forge. NAGW is an organization for webmasters of government entities at the county level […]

Roommate search?

I was just talking with Lauren G online and she was mentioning interest in moving in from the ‘burbs to get more in tune with the action happening down here. It occurred to us that between her, Rob, and a bunch of other people considering moving down here, we should have some sort of move-to-the-city […]

Startups: The Video

A few days ago Lisa suggested that we take a look at Guy Kawasaki’s “The Art of Start” in video format. I started watching and realized that I wanted to take notes along the way…and share those notes. It became pretty clear that we needed a copy of this video on Viddler! So here it […]

David Speers gives a motivating speech on Philly’s future based on the motivation following BlogPhiladelpha.

big bang vs. evolutionary startup marketing

This review probably won’t be a big surprise, but I decided to mention it because it packs in a surprising amount of meat, while being mercifully short. Also, the home blog, OnStartups is one of the most straight-forward and informative I’ve encountered on web startups. BTW, I was mailed an invitation to the Philadelphia Internet […]

inspiration: philly

Our very own Joshua Lane was just featured on today… Upon checking out the site, I discovered the featured redesign of I found this site to be totally beautiful and vibrant and it made me want to get on a plane right this second and go to Knoxville. Then I thought… I wonder […]

Hello All, So I’ve been dropping a few comments here and there on this blog since discovering it the other week, and I figured that I should introduce myself to those who don’t know me (which is probably most of you). I met Stan and Alex at Creative Camp last September. I came up with […]


 I was talking with toonerstan and I wondered whether we could take the discussion about Philly and the new technology in a slightly different direction.   One way to understand how and why Silicon Valley and Route 128 in Boston etc succeed is to examine the startup as a business model: what they are, how they succeed […]

Some Additions

Hello all you geeks. While I am taking care of some very frusutrating Linux issues I decided to update the site a bit. First, Technorati Tagging has been implemented. At the end of your posts place any keywords you would like, separated by commas, between simple bracket tags. Example: ([)tags(]) technorati tags of your choice […]