Hello All,

So I’ve been dropping a few comments here and there on this blog since discovering it the other week, and I figured that I should introduce myself to those who don’t know me (which is probably most of you). I met Stan and Alex at Creative Camp last September. I came up with the name Independents Hall when Alex gave his speech about his then-unnamed coworking entity…I’m pleased as punch that everyone loves it. : ) I then pretty much fell off the face of the earth (at least as far as this here geek community is concerned) due to getting too distracted with some life stuff. Glad to be back.

Anyway, about me: I live in the film/video/photo side of the geek spectrum. I graduated in 2005 from the film department at Temple (though I started out in Digital Media at Drexel). I’m a Philly-area native. My interests are in narrative/documentary/experimental filmmaking, web video, design, photography and writing…and the points where they converge. I’ve done some web design but am so not a ninja with that yet (but I want to learn more, if anyone’s interested in a trade)! I’m a versatilist who does a bit of everything. But hey, diversity of skills/interests is what we need, right? I might not be up to snuff on my W3 standards or PHP, but I can wrangle Final Cut and Photoshop to make some rocking videos. Head over to my website to check it out (yeah, I know it’s a shabby Photoshop hack job….I’m going to re-do it with a WP skin soon).

Professionally? I’ve been doing freelance editing/multimedia stuff along with day jobs at various production companies doing video tech and coordination. I’m actually at a point currently where I’m looking for a new gig, so if anyone wants to discuss that, let me know. Personally? I’m a huge geek and I read way too much sci-fi and watch too much Dr. Who and Battlestar: Galactica.

I’m excited to join in on the fun! I already have some ideas and suggestions.

I welcome people to connect with me:


lgalanter at gmail

aim: aistalas

skype: lgalanter