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geeks of a (slightly) different color

** NEXT MAKE:PHILLY MEETING ** MakePhilly is thrilled and honored to welcome Slavko Milekic, M.D., PhD as our guest speaker for our September meeting. Dr. Slavko will present on future applications of eye tracking technologies as a means of communication with digital devices (computers, cell phones, PDAs and the like). History and mechanism of eye-tracking […]

Sorry to piggyback on Bart and have two entries today, but I finally have an idea of how I can continue to help advance the community we connected at at BlogPhiladelphia and I want to share it with our community. As I think we’ve all made clear in our blogs, vlogs, podcasts, flickr, facebook, etc., […]

Into the Fold (Or Something)

It’s been a couple weeks since I signed up for an account here so I guess it’s about time I post something. An introduction is probably in order. I’m a long time reader (sometimes poster) of the PANMA mailing list, but other than that I haven’t been involved in the Philly tech/design/etc community at all. […]