Sorry to piggyback on Bart and have two entries today, but I finally have an idea of how I can continue to help advance the community we connected at at BlogPhiladelphia and I want to share it with our community.

As I think we’ve all made clear in our blogs, vlogs, podcasts, flickr, facebook, etc., BlogPhiladelphia exceeded most of our expectations and ended up being a great event. We all connected our kinda “cottage” tech groups in the area and had a chance to meet otherLikeminded people and talk, learn, share and bond.

The week and even two weeks after BlogPhilly, many of us kept the momentum. We contributed to this blog and met up and of course, twittered.

Admittedly, I was less involved in the post BlogPhilly meet ups for a number of reasons: I was buried with all of the work I had put on hold to make the event happen and the wrap up work generated by the event; I was also unsure of how I fit into the community we created, being the least techie of our group (I market blogs, make MySpace/Facebook pages and reach out to the people in those communities. I can’t code or graphic design.); and I decided that since I didn’t have much to contribute in the way of new API’s and IT secrets, I should contribute what I do know – marketing and PR. But how? How could I do that so that it fit with the mission of my work at GPTMC, because the truth is that I don’t have much free time.

I’ve been wracking my brain trying to strategically connect the two. Promote Philadelphia tourism and promote our thriving tech community. Yesterday, as I walked around with a colleague and acted as a tourist to check on the tourist product we promote, it all came together.

He and I stopped into the new Indy Hall and Alex gave us a tour. (Sorry, too lazy to link right now.) Afterward, my colleague and I walked and talked about this community that seems to be flourishing since BlogPhiladelphia and it came to us that this is just as much a part of the “new” Philadelphia as cheesesteaks and Rocky are a part of our heritage. This is a story that I *can* tell. This is a story about our talent here, who are open for business and able to fulfill very advanced technology needs of brands and corporations around the world.

So without giving everything away, I wanted to let you know that I’m back. I know how I can help you all and I’m ready to jump back in and make things happen.

I’ll be in touch with many of you over in September to share my plan. It’s gonna be great.