I’d like to pass along some info on an upcoming event that may be of interest to the more programmer-oriented geeks among us. The event is Open Source Frameworks, scheduled for October 25 at the Science Center in University City. We’ll be discussing and presenting CodeIgniter, CakePHP, the Zend Framework, and symfony — four popular PHP web application frameworks. If you’ve moved past single-page PHP scripts and are getting into the complexities of seeing your website as a single application, you owe it to yourself to understand how and when a framework can make your life easier.

We’ll also be presenting Ruby on Rails, which is a very popular and in-the-news framework developed in Ruby rather than PHP, and finally Drupal, which is an open source Content Management System which brings added features and functionality compared to a framework at the expense of complexity and speed.

The event is a co-production of the Philadelphia PHP Meetup, the Philly Drupal Group, and the Philadelphia Area New Media Association. No charge for the event but please do register online if you plan to attend.