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Archive for July 17th, 2007

A BlogPhiladelphia Panorama!

I saw this panorama by highstrungloner (anyone know his real name?) and I just had to share it. In it you can see some of your favorite Philadelphia natives; Alex Hillman, Scott McNulty, Ruth Kalinka, Alex Gilbert, Geoff Dimasi, Rick Banister, John Bilotta, and me (Colin Devroe). Update: There are some not too visible people […]

Categories Added

I have added a few categories to the blog and I would like some suggestions for more. Some blogs have the tendency to run wild with categories and I think we should keep it simple. Please make any suggestions for categories as comments or direct emails to myself, Bart, or Alex. Glad to see that […]


Colin accepted my challenge and updated the new group blog. I’m thinking maybe we should all have a blog-off on here…Is there a Guinness World Record of consecutive blog entries?? Should we try to set one?? I’m game! I’m going going to continue on Colin’s theme of BlogPhiladelphia feeling like a Silicon Valley event. I’m […]

Philadelphia has an all-new “feel”

Most of my experience in the Philadelphia area has felt very historical. Its streets, buildings, and people have always felt like a page taken out of the past when the forefathers of the United States sat and discussed its future or when a boxer from the city wanted to make a name for himself. Both […]

This is going well…

Well, I see the group blogging project is really taking off here. Way to maintain the momentum everyone! I’m still tired from BlogPhiladelphia, but it was some serious good fun.