Hello all you geeks. While I am taking care of some very frusutrating Linux issues I decided to update the site a bit.

First, Technorati Tagging has been implemented. At the end of your posts place any keywords you would like, separated by commas, between simple bracket tags.

Example: ([)tags(]) technorati tags of your choice ([)/tags(])

When you use them in your post remove the parentheses so you are just left with the brackets around the “tags” code. For some reason the “code” tags in WP was not able to contain the tags so I had to write the example a little weird. You can also tag individual words in your post by using the same bracket ([]) syntax as above but just use the code “tag” instead of “tags”.

Got it, good…moving on.

I will try to recruit some of the other editors so that we can enhance this feature.

Second, I have added some new Links in the sidebar as they relate to some of our editors if you have any suggestions of other links and resources that should be in this list please let me know asap and I or one of the other editors will add it to the list.

Finally, I am working on a variation of the current theme and a logo for the blog. This is going slower than I would like, but there is a lot of work piling up and I promise I will get it done by the middle of August. I have also got Google Analytics working for the site, if any of you would like to be updated as to the activity on the blog I will forward you the reports.

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