Members of this list might be interested in this upcoming event, either to attend or to sponsor or to speak at one of the sessions:

The National Association of Government Webmasters ( will hold its fifth Annuonference in September in Valley Forge. NAGW is an organization for webmasters of government entities at the county level and below.

About 250 people attended the conference in 2006. It is hoped that attendance this year will be closer to 300. The conference brochure is at

Local web professionals who work with government clients or who would like to expand into that market might be interested in attending the conference sessions or in becoming sponsors of the conference. There is a range of available sponsorships, and information is online at under the Sponsors menu tab.

There is also a call for speakers at, and there are still opportunities for presenters who would like to participate. Vendors who want to speak would be required to be sponsors. Even without being identified as a vendor, speaking at this conference would be a valuable public service by helping local governments develop more effective ways to use the Internet to serve their constituents.

If anyone has questions, feel free to contact me. I am on the organizing committee of the conference as webmaster of a township in Chester County, PA.