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Archive for July, 2007

This is a highly-digged essay from about about a year ago by Paul Graham, the Y-Combinator guy in Boston. He discusses what makes a city hospitable or inhospitable as a place for launching tech startups. It contains some Philly-bashing, so be prepared. I showed it to Lisa last year, and recently heard it mentioned again […]

I just read Geoff’s post and it inspired me to write a bit on the same topic, and introduce a few other groups, or sources of “seeds” if you will. Over the last two years I have noticed a tremendous upswing in the amount of individuals interested in attending local user group meetings, professional groups […]

URI? Sounds painful

I’ve been waiting for days for someone to notice that all of the “url” links in our community page read as “uri.” So I guess the new joke is: How many geeks community blogging does it take to fix a wordpress typo? UPDATE: And upon googling, I┬áhave now learned that URI and URL are one […]

Convergence & Timing

It is all about things coming together at the right time. I think that is happening. Can’t explain why… but I can tell you I am enjoying it. For the longest time, I have followed the Philadelphia interactive/new media/web/social media scene, but was never excited about it. Of course, I was busy teaching at UArts, […]

A BlogPhiladelphia Panorama!

I saw this panorama by highstrungloner (anyone know his real name?) and I just had to share it. In it you can see some of your favorite Philadelphia natives; Alex Hillman, Scott McNulty, Ruth Kalinka, Alex Gilbert, Geoff Dimasi, Rick Banister, John Bilotta, and me (Colin Devroe). Update: There are some not too visible people […]

Categories Added

I have added a few categories to the blog and I would like some suggestions for more. Some blogs have the tendency to run wild with categories and I think we should keep it simple. Please make any suggestions for categories as comments or direct emails to myself, Bart, or Alex. Glad to see that […]


Colin accepted my challenge and updated the new group blog. I’m thinking maybe we should all have a blog-off on here…Is there a Guinness World Record of consecutive blog entries?? Should we try to set one?? I’m game! I’m going going to continue on Colin’s theme of BlogPhiladelphia feeling like a Silicon Valley event. I’m […]

Philadelphia has an all-new “feel”

Most of my experience in the Philadelphia area has felt very historical. Its streets, buildings, and people have always felt like a page taken out of the past when the forefathers of the United States sat and discussed its future or when a boxer from the city wanted to make a name for himself. Both […]

This is going well…

Well, I see the group blogging project is really taking off here. Way to maintain the momentum everyone! I’m still tired from BlogPhiladelphia, but it was some serious good fun.

Welcome to PhillyGeeks

Scott McNulty’s BlogPhiladelphia Open-Grid session on group blogging has inspired a new blog for geeks and general social media junkies in the Philadelphia area. We would like to keep this as open as possible however new authors are required to register so that we can keep some order to the site. If you would like […]